Tendy Law Office provides a sophisticated, boutique outside general counsel practice advising midsized corporations, not-for-profits, and financial institutions, regarding all corporate matters, including operational risk and compliance, deal negotiations, acquisitions, litigation, construction, intellectual property, and employment issues. We provide sector-specific, cost-effective strategic guidance, using only the most experienced attorneys, in a small firm environment.

Tendy Law Office also represents clients before federal and state bank regulators, conducts independent investigations, and serves as a monitor. We work closely with our clients to create integrity and best practices programs.

Our approach makes us different. We create a unique team for every matter. Our teams include specialized counsel, operational risk experts, forensic accountants, former bank examiners, financial crime investigators and anti-money laundering experts. We also work globally, in strategic alliance with other specialized counsel.

Above all, we support our clients by fostering the essence of the attorney client relationship – trust.

Tendy Law Office LLC offers a new kind of outside general counsel and operational risk practice for a new world.

Consider what might happen if a multibillion-dollar hedge fund suddenly found its huge portfolio of mortgage-backed securities was filled with bad paper. If it could not absorb the losses, the federal government and ultimately the tax payers, might be forced into a bailout, or the fund’s failure could launch a destructive tsunami that drowns the economy.

— Protecting Wholesalers from Fraud, Mortgage Banking Magazine
By Sheila Tendy, December 1998